[Interview] Girls Who Work It

It's Work It Wednesday! And as a special treat I found a gem through my archives. 

This is an interview I did with Alex Biston for Ulife.com back when I was an intern. Together, we interviewed the owners of a small boutique called "The Chic Fashion" located in Downey, CA.

The boutique is filled with great, low priced fast-fashion clothing. They carry everything from casual dresses, to club dresses, to purses, and shoes. The prices range from $4-30, and their selection is city-chic, fun, and flirty. 

The owners of "The Chic Fashion" are two young sisters named Vanessa Castro and Aisha Alonso. We interviewed the girls right before their grand opening exactly two years ago. 

As I talked to both sisters off camera, I found out they were both working in the health field prior to opening their business. They found themselves in profitable careers however, they weren't completely satisfied. They decided it was time to turn their dream into a reality and they invested in their boutique. 

What I learned from these sisters is that taking the leap of faith for your dream can be scary. You never know exactly where you will land. You may even fall. But you may also fly, and how would you ever know what the outcome was unless you took that leap.

As I talk to more people in the career of their dreams, I discover a sincere happiness from those who made the decision to believe in themselves. Even if you fall, you did not fail. You discovered what did not work, and you made one huge leap closer to your dreams. This takes the ability to trust in yourself.

It's scary to have full trust in yourself when everyone is telling you you might fail, but life is too short not to take a chance on you.

I hope this week you begin to trust yourself. If you're not already, you begin to become your biggest supporter. Once you trust yourself, it won't matter what anyone else has to say. It will be a decision between you and yourself. 

Good luck in all you do, have a little faith and no matter what- Work it!