Work it Wednesday: What to Bring to An Interview

Hello my lovely work-it readers,

Two weeks ago I covered what to wear for an interview and last week I posted a video on how I personally get ready for an interview.

Now that we are dressed and ready to go, I want to share with you what I bring to an interview.

I call this my secret weapon for landing that job!

Coming prepared is very important for setting the tone of your interview. Remember, you have the power to control the perception and tone of who you are by coming prepared. If your goal is to impress your potential employers, be sure to remember this helpful tip and you will succeed every time!


My secret weapon: My portfolio.

What is a portfolio?

Basically a portfolio is a compilation of documents that paint you in the best light possible. You want to include documents that demonstrate your ability to “achieve” in your new position.

Everyone’s portfolio will look different depending on what you personally have accomplished. And yes, you have accomplished a few things in your life- you just have to think.

You may have to take a minute to write down some of these accomplishments so you can prepare an effective portfolio.

For example, maybe you were a part of a few of clubs in college/high school- create a reference list to each club you were involved in, and the title of your role.

Or maybe you weren’t very social, but you have two professors who are willing to write you a great letter of recommendation. Include these documents in your portfolio.


This folder will look different for every person, and it should. It should be personalized to who you are and make you stand out from the crowd.



What is included in my portfolio?


  1.   My cover letter or an introductory letter
  2.   My resume
  3.   Two letters of recommendation
  4.   Copy of my transcripts
  5.   A reference list
  6.   One piece of work I am proud of/ writing sample

**Always make sure to print your documents on professional paper, and place in a folder. ***


Tip: Call or email your interviewer ahead of time and find out how many people will be in your interview. Usually there is more than one person interviewing you. If this is the case, come prepared with a “portfolio” for each person, including you.


Having something handy in your hands can alleviate the pressure of feeling like you are on trial. If you get nervous in your interview, you may open up your portfolio and refer to a document that is included.

For example:


Interviewer: What is your greatest strength?


You: My greatest strength is my excellent communication skills. For example, if you take a look at my reference letter from my communications professor, you will notice he highlights my ability to effectively communicate my theories in an advanced level of writing.


I see my portfolio as a gift. I am bringing a piece of who I am to someone who has just welcomed me in their home. And, who doesn’t love a good gift?

I am providing my potential employer with all the information he/she needs on me. I am saving them the time of researching my name on “Google” because I have done the legwork for them. I took control by providing them with supporting documents that demonstrate my originality and my professionalism.  



It works like a charm. 

For more questions or more tips, please feel free to send me an inquiry on the "Ask Stacy" section:  

Thanks and have a wonderful work week!