Work it Wednesday- Are you financially healthy?

Finances. Yikes! Does this sound like a foreign topic? Or are you comfortable talking your finances.

Whether you are well into your career, or make minimum wage at your current job, it is important to pay attention to your financial health. People who maintain long-term monetary wealth all have one trait in common; they pay attention to where their money goes.


For those of you who never give a second thought to where your money goes, let me give you an easy and helpful visual.

Your financial health is a lot like the concept of “losing weight”. If your goal is to lose some weight, your logical move should be to eat less and workout more. If you have a specific goal in mind (i.e.; getting in shape for a special event) than you will most likely track your results, and set measurable goals to hit.


This is a lot like tracking your financial health. Your logical move should be to spend less than you make. Sounds pretty easy right?

Well if you forget to track your progress and spend freely, you may realize you have spending pitfalls that you weren’t originally aware of.

To make sure you are financially on track, here are 3 helpful tips for getting started:


1.     Make a financial goal.

Would you like to eventually purchase a new house, car, or own your own business? Then make this a goal, and set a realistic time frame for achieving it.


2.     Write down everything you spend.

Much like someone on a diet would keep a food journal; make a habit of keeping a financial journal. Now a day you can even download apps to keep track of all your spending habits. (Mint is a great software for keeping you on budget).


3.     Consult a financial advisor

I highly recommend that you consult a financial advisor. Financial advisors are like the weight trainers of financial health.  They are experts in the field of money handling and they will make you look at your finances in the perspective of long-term and short-term goals. Good financial advisors will help you set goals, and create a budget that will grow your wealth over time. If you are interested in seeking a great professional financial advisor, I recommend contacting my personal Certified Public Accountant, Javier Estrada.


If you are not ready to speak to a financial advisor, seek someone’s advice you trust. Pick up a book at your local library and educate yourself. Here are two recommendations from life coach Marie Forleo.


1.     “Smart Women Finish Rich”, by David Bach

2.      “I Will Teach to Be Rich,” by Ramit Sethi


The point is, as women, or men, we need to get smart about our money. This isn’t a topic I learned in high school or as an undergrad. It was a topic I studied in post graduate school. By Grad school I had already accumulated debt with student loans and mindless spending, and it’s all money that will have to be paid back.

I made an appointment with my accountant, who is also my brother, and began really thinking about my financial health.

If you haven’t yet thought about where your money goes, I encourage you to start paying attention now. And for those of you who have a great system for staying financially on track, what are your recommendations? I'd like to know.


If you are interested in a career as a financial advisor or as an accountant, take a look at an interview I did with my brother, Javier Estrada on “Becoming An Accountant”.


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