Hi My name is Erica and I Work It in the Beauty Industry

It's another edition of Work It Wednesday, and this week we explore the creative field of makeup artistry. 

I started my career in the beauty industry and always found makeup application to be a form of art and a way to express yourself.

Working it also means recognizing your value and selling yourself in your industry. Getting ready isn't just a vanity thing, it also shows that you value presentation and attention to detail. When you care about how you present yourself, you make a lasting impression. 

Meet Erica Escalante, a Beauty Analyste, also known as a Beauty Expert. She works in retail at the beauty counter for a high-end retail store. In her position she helps girls get ready for work or for special occasions in their life by giving them tips and tricks on the latest trends within the makeup industry.

Hi My name is Erica and I Work as A Chanel Beauty Expert!


1.    How did you choose your career?

After waitressing for almost nine years, I wanted to try something new.  I was never a makeup guru, but working at Sephora opened me up to a whole new world.  I began reading about different designers and found myself enchanted with all things Chanel.  One day, visiting a lovely friend at her Chanel counter, I happened to geek out on someone who would be my future boss.

2.    In your opinion, what would you say are the top three  characteristics/traits to be successful in your career?

Passion, creativity, and patience.  I can honestly say I love the products Chanel produces and the culture behind them.  Working with different people everyday requires you to be flexible and find ways to engage and communicate effectively with different types of personalities.  All three of those traits play major roles in my everyday life.  I've embraced them.

3.    What do you find most rewarding about your career?

I love empowering people and complimenting them.  Sometimes, all it takes is applying a lipstick, or mascara as they smile ten times the normal observing themselves in the mirror.  It's a beautiful feeling when you help someone feel that much more confident.  Even the right skincare regimen can change your life.

4.    Is this what you always wanted? If not, how did you land into it?

Haha no not at all. There was a time when my cousin would yell at me to get ready and put makeup on and while I argued with her whether or not mascara was considered makeup.

Now I can't walk by a makeup counter without touching and observing everything.
Once I figured out what business I wanted to be in, I had to zone in on a specific part of it. 

For me that was, Chanel.  I remember telling myself "I'm going to work for Chanel," and I committed to it.  It really helps to "know someone who knows someone," networking is always important.

5.    What is your background? Did you have to go to school for what you are doing?

I had zero experience.  I was always into skincare.  I would read magazines and started using eye cream at twelve because an article told me I had to.  So I always had a great skin care routine but I only knew what worked for me.

I never went to school, Sephora offered trainings with different vendors and you soak up so much information, it was a great intro.

Chanel has elevated my experience and they too offer trainings year round.  I love being an expert and committed to one brand, but I wouldn't mind taking a makeup class to learn other/new techniques.  It can't hurt.

6.    What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to be in your field?

Have passion for what you're doing! Know that every single person you come into contact with is different but all deserve the same kindness.  You also have to be sincere, and driven.  Oh and call those places you applied to! Call them back, you have to show interest among a hundred other applicants. Also something I wish I had done more in the beginning, practice makeup looks on lots of people.  It builds your confidence.

7.   Being a busy woman, what do you like to do on your free time?

I have a great work-life balance.  If i have a day off, I'm spending it with family or in LA.  I love LA there's always some adventure awaiting.  I also like to read, cook and dance my heart out at the gym.  Seriously, I go in the aerobics room when no one else is in there, turn up the volume and practice my Beyonce and Ciara moves.  Traveling is something I want to incorporate into my life.

8.    What do you value most in a career? Ex. Money, fun, work life balance?

The work-life balance. It is hard finding that balance but once you do... You enjoy all aspects of your life even more and take positive advantage of the way you spend your time and money.

9.     Do you have any other goals you strive to achieve?

Yes, I have plenty of goals that are separate from my current career.  Nothing to share as of now, but as I continue to work towards them I'll keep you posted. ;)

10.  What is the greatest lesson you have learned? What would you do differently if given a second chance?

I wouldn't do anything differently, it's how you learn.  The greatest thing I've learned is you have to carefully choose your words and gestures.  People can read you and sense your energy.  But at the same time, stand strong and don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness.  At the end of the day, were all human beings and deserve to be treated as so.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Whoa, I haven't been asked that question in such a long time.  Maybe Europe? I honestly have no idea.  We change so much as we get older, our ideas and wants.  I know 5 years from now I see myself in New York working for Chanel.  Probably single and working on other projects that are important to me.