Work It Wednesday! Meet Blogger Daniella Bature

The power of the internet is real, and new careers are being birth from this platform. Therefore, it is safe to assume this is a new era, where your opinions can either serve or harm. If you use your voice, and opinions to help others, then you're positively impacting the internet population in way that is so necessary in today's cyber bullying world...

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Hello My Name Is Jacqueline, and I work in Product Development!

Happy Work It Wednesday! If you are working today, and searching for new career opportunities, or just interested in what other Work It Girls are doing, let me introduce you to Jacqueline Scheid!

Jacqueline has a career in Product Development and Merchandising. Sounds fancy right? Learn a little more about Jacqueline and how she landed a career which allowed her to travel the world. 

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Hi My name is Erica and I Work It in the Beauty Industry

It's another edition of Work It Wednesday, and this week we explore the creative field of makeup artistry. 

Working it also means recognizing your value and selling yourself in your industry. Getting ready isn't just a vanity thing, it also shows that you value presentation and attention to detail. When you care about how you present yourself, you make a lasting impression. 

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[Interview] Tim Mead, VP of Communications with Angels

 For a special edition of "Work It Wednesday"- I wanted to present a man who is a great mentor of mine, Mr. Tim Mead, Vice President of Communications with the Los Angeles Angels. Tim is a great example of working hard to make you career dreams become a reality. By example, he has taught me the meaning of being persistent and staying focused...

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[Interview] Girls Who Work It

It's Work It Wednesday! And as a special treat I found a gem through my archives. 

This is an interview I did with Alex Biston for back when I was an intern. Together, we interviewed the owners of a small boutique called "The Chic Fashion" located in Downey, CA.

The boutique is filled with great, low priced fast fashion clothing. They carry everything from casual dresses, to club dresses, to purses, and shoes. The price ranges from $4-30...

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