Created from the conceptual belief that you can "Be Anything You Want To Be", Photograph by Olivia Cordoba, December 2014

About "Work It- Girl"

The idea that you can "be anything you want to be" seems like a fantasy to those who don't know where to begin their journey. This blog draws from the inspiration of others who have accomplished their goals and aim to share the lessons they learned along the way. Work It- Girl is a guide to helping you find the right career for you and looking good while doing it. Work it!

About Stacy M Estrada

Stacy started her career in television working for ABC7, in Los Angeles. 

With a passion for writing and creating entertaining content, Stacy began her journey as an entertainment intern for On the Red Carpet, a nationally syndicated television show. 

"My journey was not easy. I was a small town girl with no connections in the industry. I was also shy and intimidated working in such a competitive field, but I knew overcoming my reservations was part of the journey. I worked hard, and I said 'yes' to any task I was given."

As an intern, Stacy didn't make very much money so she began working full time at the Chanel makeup counter. 

"Working for Chanel was a great experience in many ways. It allowed me to be an artist, it taught me the importance of connecting with people, and it taught me that presentation was a key element for any job."

Stacy's hard work soon paid off. Once her internship ended at ABC7, she was recommended for a position as a New's Assistant for the news department. 

"This position was very difficult. The demands were tough. My commute from Orange County to Los Angeles went from two days out of the week to five days. The schedule was at random, and the producers had a higher level of expectation for news shows that were produced daily. I was working for the #1 station in Los Angeles, and accuracy was not only a demand, it was a requirement. There were times where I wanted to give up, but wouldn't let myself. I knew in my heart, every step I took was leading me closer to my career path. You see, I never knew exactly what I wanted to be, I just knew I wanted a career where I could help people, be a decision-maker, be creative, and work in an arena where everyday was different."

Stacy finally had this opportunity when she received the position as Executive Director for a non-profit organization. 

"I feel so blessed to say I have pushed this far. I know my story is still in the making. One lesson I have learned along my path is that no one can tell you how to live or what decisions to make that will get you to your true destination. Ultimately, you have a calling that is unique to your own life. It will never look exactly like anyone else's path. However, the more information you have, the better the decisions you can make for your journey.

I hope this site motivates you to dream big and know that you can accomplish anything you are willing to work for. Never be afraid to seek advice from others, work hard, and look good while doing it! That is the definition of Work it

Text source: Stacy Estrada, M.B.A.